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Navio comes with integrated support for A2B, the innovative geo-location search engine which enables you to find interesting services close to your current location.

In order to be able to search A2B locations directly from Navio, you first have to register at the A2B website, then click on the Cfg button and enter your A2B username and password.

There are several ways you can search A2B (see demo):

  • Search A2B depending on your current location: connect your GPS to Navio and wait until you have a GPS fix, then press the Search button to search A2B based on your current position.
  • Search A2B depending on a location on your currently loaded map: from the map window, tap and hold the stylus (right-click on Windows) on the map at the location that you want to search, and select Search A2B from the menu.
  • Search A2B depending on a POI: from the POI window, select a POI and click on the menu icon, select Search POI Location on A2B from the menu.

To learn more about A2B, visit the A2B website.

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