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Navio allows you to track any number of points of interest (POI). This function is great for geocaching! Navio will also work with the popular GPX and LOC files available at many geocaching websites and ASC files from POIEdit.

Waypoints can be categorized in different files that can be saved in CSV format (makes it easy to further analyze them in any popular spreadsheet program) or in GPX, LOC and ASC format for compatibility with other programs. Waypoints can be displayed as a route on the map loaded in the map window (represented by a blue line).

- Click on a header of the list to sort the list by that criteria.

- Click on a waypoint to see the course necessary to get to it (indicated by a flag), the distance and the estimated time of arrival. The distance will be displayed in the units selected on the Hardware screen.

- Click on the heading wheel to alternate between standard mode and compass mode. When compass mode is selected, point your Pocket PC forward, turn until the flag is in the top position of the wheel and go in that direction.

- Click on the zoom button to show the compass in full screen.

- When you add a new point, the program will fill-in by default the current GPS position or you can manually enter the desired latitude and longitude.


The CSV format used by Navio is : Name,Latitude,Longitude

However, if you have a file organized in a different order, you can let Navio know by editing your file and adding as the first line the order in which the data is. If for example you set the first line of the CSV file to: Name,Longitude,Latitude Navio will do the the right thing and import the data in the right order.

The order for ASC files is implied to be: Longitude,Latitude,Name


Click on the menu button () to bring up general POI options or options relating to the currently selected POI.

  • Hide POI not Visible on Map: hides from the list all POIs that are currently not on the select map. This is useful when dealing with large lists of POIs.
  • Search POI Location on A2B: searches A2B based on the location of the selected POI.

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