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You can record a trip and easily see the distance travelled. With trips you can:

  • Display them in the map window (represented by a red line): select "Show Trip Route" from the map menu to enable this feature.
  • Replay your trip and see your progress in the main and map windows: check the option Simulation Mode in the Hardware window, and when you press Start you will be asked to select your trip file.
  • Export them to your desktop for further analysis with other mapping software.

To save a trip:

  • Press New and enter the name under which you want the trip to be saved.
  • Select how often you want position messages to be saved. Saving too often will increase the size of your trip (slowing down updating in the map window).
  • Select the minimum distance that must be travelled for a new position to be recorded. 30-50 m is generally a good range and takes care of GPS inaccuracies.
  • Select Activate track recorder.

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