Highway Manager - A gas mileage program for the Palm platform
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About Us

At TinyStocks we have been developing software for PDAs since 1998. Our mission is to make software that gives you access to the information you need wherever you are. We live by our premise "Software in your pocket", offering the promise of wireless Internet access to information, today.

Quick Facts

  • Thousands of users worldwide use TinyStocks software every day to download information from the Internet with their Palm OS® and Pocket PC handhelds.

  • Stock Manager, TinyStocks's flagship product, is available in 5 languages. Making it a software for a truly global audience.

  • TinyStocks also believes in free software and has produced free programs for the WorldCup 98 and Euro 2000 football (soccer) championships and an Acrobat PDF plugin so that you can take your documents on the road with you.


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P.O. Box 11301
1001 GH Amsterdam
The Netherlands


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