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Calculon is a combination of a unit/currency converter and standard calculator with 12 digits precision, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, date and temperature operations.

The latest currency rates can be updated from the internet either wirelessly (Treo, LifeDrive, TX, etc) or via your desktop's connection with the provided conduit. Calculon is optimized for one-handed operation on the Treo phones!

Up to 15 conversion categories can be defined with 200 items in each. Any category can also serve as a group of constants. Easily convert between different currencies, Celcius and Fahrenheit, miles and kilometers, gallons and litres, kilograms and pounds, and much more.

  • 15 user definable unit (and/or constant categories) including currencies, weight, length, etc.
  • All units of the same category can be recalculated at the same time.
  • Temperature conversions between F (Fahrenheit), C (Celsius) and K (Kelvin) degrees.
  • Angle formats conversion from HMS (hours, minutes, and seconds) to decimal
  • Julian day to Gregorian calendar date conversion.
  • Time->seconds and Seconds->time conversion.
  • Support for the Euro and compatible with all the conversion rules.
Mathematical functions:
  • Standard: +, -, x, /
  • Trigonometry: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan
  • Exponential/Logarithmic: x^2, y^x, 10^x, e^x, log, ln
  • Date: Date +/- number of days, number of days between two dates
  • Other functions: percentage calculation, area and circumference of a circle, constants Pi and Pi/2
Other features:
  • 12 digits math precision.
  • Number of decimal places can be defined in the range from 0 to 11 and there is also "Float" (F) option for displaying all possible decimal digits (without ending zeros).
  • 10 user memories. You can perform arithmetic operations (+, -, x, /) with each memory
  • Copy/paste between display and clipboard
  • Each category names and values can be exported/imported to/from MemoPad memo. Fields are delimited with TAB character. That way, you can export to a MemoPad memo, edit them on your desktop computer, and after hotsync import them back into Calculon.
  • Date and time calculations
  • Multiple multiplication and division with the same number
  • "Constants" mode - current category serves as a group of constants. If you append "_C" to the category name, then Calculon will automatically enter constants mode each time you choose that category.
  • Reversed unit conversions.
  • Binary calculator (hexadecimal, decimal, octal and binary input modes)

  • Download the latest version from the download page.


    • Unzip the file you have downloaded with a zip program such as this one.

    • Run the installation program CalculonInstall.exe that was inside the zip file.

    • If your computer is behind a firewall, click on the HotSync icon in the Windows taskbar, select "Custom", double-click on Weather Manager and enter your proxy settings in the Network window. If you do not know what these should be, it is best to ask your network administrator.


    • Use the Palm Install tool and select Calculon.prc

  • Do a HotSync operation to install all the files on your device.

  • You can also install:
    • CCHelp.prc - "Help mode" plug-in
    • CCBinCalc.prc - "Binary Calculator" plug-in

How to use

The easiest way to learn how to use Calculon is to turn on "Help" mode (install CCHelp.prc on your Palm device) and tap all over the screen.

Treo 600/650 keyboard

You can use the keyboard to directly type the numbers 0-9 and the operations: +, -, x, / without having to switch to keyboard number mode.

  • Press Enter for '=' and 'Convert'.
  • Left key opens the unit list on the left.
  • Right key opens the right list.
  • Up and Down open the category list.
  • Space to change the conversion direction between '-->' and '<--'.

Internet currency update

In order for your currencies to be updated from the internet you should comply with the following requirements:

  • All currencies should be located in a category named "Currencies".
  • There should be one currency (and only one) with the value set to 1.0. This will be your base currency and all currency rates will be downloaded with respect to this currency.
  • All currencies must be named by their standard 3-letter ISO code. Press "?" and select your currency from the list. If your currency is not listed you can find the correct code at the Universal Currency Converter.
  • Select the checkbox "This is EU currency" if the currency you are entering is one of the old European currencies that have been replaced by the Euro.

If you have any doubts, you can start with the default Calculon database (CalculonDB.pdb) and check the category "Currencies" to see how things should be organized.

Other conversions

1 foot = 12 inch = 304.8 mm

then you should enter:
inch = 12.0
foot = 1.0
mm = 304.8

Percentage calculations

If you want to calculate percentage P of a number N, enter the following:


If you tap on (or ) button after the button, the calculated percentage will be added (or substracted) from the given number N.

You can get 100% of a given value with:


Constant multiplication and division

You can do a multiple multiplication or division with the same number.

1. Enter a number
2. Tap twice on the (or ) button
3. Enter the second number
4. Tap on the button

Repeat steps 3. and 4. as long as you wish.



Another example:



CurrCalc has 10 user memories. Their numbers are in the range from 0 to 9.

If you want to store a number in a memory, tap on the "M" button followed by a tap on a coresponding memory number. Example:

will store a number into the memory number 4.

You can perform arithmetic operations (+, -, * and /) with a memory. For example:

will add the displayed number to the memory 6.

will substract the displayed number from the memory 3.

will multiply memory 0 by the displayed number.

memory 9 will be divided by the displayed number.

The results of these calculations are stored in the chosen memory. They are NOT displayed on the screen.

will display the contents of the memory location number 2.

You can display the contents of all memories if you tap on the button after the button.


- indicate the direction of the conversion, from which unit to which. Tap on it to change the direction of the conversion.

- edit the conversion value directly without going through the "Conversion Rates" menu option ().

- the current displayed number is converted through all unit conversions and results are displayed in a separate window.

- changes sign of displayed number.

- starts exponent entering mode. Sign of the exponent can be changed with button.

- options menu to turn on constant mode and open binary calculator.

Numbers are displayed with thousand separators. Comma (","), dot ("."), space (" ") or apostrophe ("'") can be set as thousands separator with "Prefs" application ("Formats" panel).

Dates should be entered according to the settings in the "Formats" panel of Palm's "Prefs" application, but without delimiting characters between month, date and year. For example, if the current date format is defined as M/D/Y, you should enter: 13102005 for 13th of October 2005. Although it is easier to press and press on "Select Day".

You can convert angles from the HMS to H(decimal) form and vice versa.


Your input: 25.3052 (25 degrees, 30 minutes, 52 seconds)
Tap on "Trig" button and then "HMS->" button
Result is: 25.514444 (25.514444 degrees)

Another example:

Your input: 38.26 (38.26 degrees)
Tap on "Trig" button and then "->HMS" button
Result is: 38.1536 (38 degrees, 15 minutes, 36 seconds)

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