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TinyStocks is proud to present Euro 2K ! The best program for the Palm platform for keeping track of the Euro 2000 football competition.

With Euro 2K lookup what games are played on which days and what games are played at each of the 8 stadiums. Check when and who each team is playing and the players that make up each team. And keep track of the scores of each game and automatically see which teams will be making it to the next round!

Enter the scores of each game and press the Refresh button to see the statistics appear in the table.

Tap on the table legend to see what each column in the stats table represents.

Tap on the different info icons to see when and where a particular game will be played.

After entering some scores, check out the next round to see who has the best chances for qualifying.


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Latest Version: v1.1, June 13th, 2000. It seems the Euro 2000 qualifying rules are not the same as the WorldCup qualifying rules!

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