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Football 2004

TinyStocks is proud to once again being able to offer a free program to keep track of an international football event (soccer as it is known in some parts of the world) ! Football 2004 - The best program for the Palm OS® platform for keeping track of the UEFA Euro 2004™ football competition in Portugal.

With Football 2004 lookup what games are played on which days and what games are played at each of the 10 stadiums. Check when and who each team is playing and add an alarm in your Datebook to be reminded of the games. Keep track of the scores of each game and automatically see which teams will be making it to the next round!

With Football 2004 you can even download the latest scores wirelessly by connecting you Palm OS® handheld to a mobile phone or (wireless) modem !

Online Forum: Participate in our Football 2004 online discussion forum!

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Download Site / Language
Download Site / Language

Latest Version:

v1.03 - Fixed time display for timezones in asia.
v1.04 - Date change for games on 15th of June. Fixed wireless download for Treo 600
v1.05 - Correct calculation in case 3 teams with same points in group matches.


The settings dialog is displayed when the program is run for the first time and can be open again at anytime by selecting "Settings" from the application menu.

Football 2004 will display all times in local Portugal time and in parenthesis in your local time. Therefore it is important to correctly set your time zone and if you are using summer time or not (DST). European users should select their corresponding timezone AND select summer time (DST).

For example - the time displayed like this: "20:30 (21:30)" means 20:30 in Portugal and 21:30 in your local timezone.

Football 2004 can remind you when an important game is being played (see next section). Set the number of minutes that you want the alarm to sound before the game.

Network Settings

The network settings are used when connecting you Palm OS® device to the Internet to retrieve the latest scores. For information on how to configure your Palm OS® to work with your mobile phone, check our handy guide.


Enter the scores of each game and press the Refresh button to see the statistics appear in the table.

Tap on the table legend to see what each column in the stats table represents:

Games played
Games won
Games tied
Games lost
Goals for
Goals against

Tap on the different info icons to see when and where a particular game will be played. Press "Add Alarm" to add a remainder in your datebook. An alarm will be played before the game starts.

After entering some scores, check out the next round to see who has the best chances for qualifying.

If you dont have time to keep track of all the scores you can download them wirelessly through your mobile phone or (wireless) modem !

NOTE: in order to use the wireless update feature, your Palm OS® handheld must already be properly configured to connect to the Internet via a mobile phone or wireless modem. Check our handy mobile phone configuration guide. It is not possible to update the scores via HotSync.

NOTA: Para utilizar la función de puesta al dia de los resultados, su Palm debe ya estar configurado para conectarse en red via teléfono móvil. No es possible bajar los resultados a traves de un HotSync.


Tap on the calendar to see what matches will be playing on that day.


Check out information on each team such as first round games, trivia, odds and players.


Learn more about the 10 stadiums that will be hosting the 31 games of the tournament in Portugal. Check out all the games that will be played at each stadium and how to get there.

* Football 2004 is a program that provides general information about the UEFA Euro 2004™ football competition. TinyStocks B.V. and the Football 2004 program are in NO WAY associated with UEFA Euro 2004 Portugal™.

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