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Software for KiSS / Linksys Players*

TinyStocks has developed a serie of web services for the KiSS Technology / Linksys* internet connected DVD players. These players (DP-500/1500/508/558/600) allow you to view information from the internet on your television.

The TV guide / EPG has the latest tv program information for 34 countries that you can easily navigate with your remote control or with a regular web browser from your desktop computer or mobile phone.

With Weather Manager for KiSS you can now check the latest weather conditions, 5-day weather forecast and latest satellite images on your television screen!

Stock Manager for KiSS allows you to check the latest stock prices in over 60 stock exchanges from around the world.

With the IMDb feature, you can query the latest movie info from the Internet Movie Database.

You can also play games such as Klondike and multi-player Reversi.


Favorites, Games,
IMDb, Maps,
Stocks, TV Guide,

- Favorites Editor
- Favorites Editor


There are two ways to access the TinyStocks KML portal depending on your player.

  • From your player: go to KiSS portal > select Configure > set a password and write down your player id.

  • From you pc: go to the website: http://epg.kml.kiss-technology.com/ and login with your player id and the password you just set. Click on KML Favorites, and then enter in the form the name "TinyStocks" and address:
    • http://tinystocks.com/k/kiss.php (to go to the TinyStocks main portal page), or:
    • http://tinystocks.com/k2/tv/tvstart.php (to go directly to the TinyStocks EPG page)

  • From your player: go to KiSS portal > select Favorites > select TinyStocks EPG > select Configure > click Change under "Default EPG" so that it is set to "TinyStocks". You will now be able to send recordings to your DP/VR-558 and map new tv channels.

  • TIP: Press Menu on your remote and select "KiSS TV Guide (EPG)" to go directly to the TinyStocks EPG.

  • TIP: When watching television through your KiSS player, press Title Menu on your remote control to go directly to the TinyStocks EPG.

  • TIP: For quicker access to the TinyStocks portal, download TSHelper, unzip it anywhere on your hardisk and start it. Then on your 558, press the MENU key on your remote control, scroll down to Online KML Services and select PC-Link KML Start Page. This will take you directly to the TinyStocks portal without having to go to the KiSS portal and selecting favorites.
  • Download the latest firmware from KiSS Technology and update your player (burn the firmware on a cd using "disc-at-once", insert the cd in your player and reset it).

  • Download our little KML redirector program called TSHelper. Unzip it anywhere on your hardisk and start it.

  • Press on the Menu button on your remote control and select PC-Link from the Online menu.

From any page on our site, press 'Title Menu' on your remote to come back to this screen.

For more information regarding KiSS DVD players, check out the excellent discussion forums:

* TinyStocks is in no way associated with KiSS/Linksys

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