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Stock Manager

Stock Manager® is a powerful stock portfolio manager for Windows Mobile Smartphone 2002/2003 devices.

Stuck in an all day meeting? Turn on your mobile phone the latest stock prices via GPRS. Or with the ActiveSync provider*, never leave home again without knowing if you can afford lunch today!

Stock Manager does much more than retrieving the current stock prices, it also retrieves the day's high, low, change, volume, bid, ask and 52-week high and low values. Being multi-currency enabled, you can see all your favorite statistics in different currencies. Stock Manager also lets you set alerts on all your stocks based on current price, profit and profit % so that you never miss important market movements.

Stocks can be categorized into different portfolios, each with its own totals. The program will display the total profit, profit %, current value and cost for each stock, portfolio or for all your stocks. Also with the portfolio charts you can get a graphical overview of your portfolio.

Stock Manager will automatically update your stocks from the stock exchanges of the following countries: US, Canada, most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many more. Check the complete list!

The Stock Manager desktop module will also allow you to export your portfolio to a CSV file. Great for tax purposes.

* At the moment the ActiveSync provider will only work on phones from Orange due to signing restrictions.

At a glance

  • Support for multiple portfolios allows you to keep your different investments well classified. Easily see your portfolio cost, value, profit and other statistics.

  • Keep your portfolio updated every time you synchronize your mobile device with your desktop computer, by connecting your mobile device to a mobile phone or by using a Palm VII. After every update quickly see which stock has gone up or down since the last update with handy visual indicators. Also see the profit change of your portfolio since the last update.

  • Stock Manager downloads the current stock price, the day's high, low, change, previous close, volume, bid, ask, and 52-week high and low values.

  • With the portfolio 3D pie, bar and line charts, quickly see how your money is distributed across all your investments. Individual stock charts allow you to see a stock's price history.

  • Stock alerts will warn you after an Internet update of important changes in your portfolio. Alerts can be set on a stock's price, profit, profit % or daily change.

  • Manage different portfolios in different currencies and either see the portfolio statistics in the portfolio's native currency or in your base currency.

  • Keep track of the cash available in each portfolio.

How to test the software

Trying out Stock Manager is easy. You have 2 options depending on wether you only want to try the program itself or if you also want to be able to download stock information during an ActiveSync operation.

In the first case, download the CAB file from the link on the right side of this page.

In the second case, download the full installer and then run StockManagerInstall.exe on your desktop computer.

On the right side of this page you will find links to the full documentation and to the FAQ which provides handy tips on how to find the correct symbols to use in the program (for stocks, stock market indices, currencies, funds, etc.).

See the section below for a more in depth description of the features of Stock Manager.

In detail

Main screen

With Stock Manager you can keep track of stocks that you own, stocks that you only want to watch and stocks that you have sold. You can also keep track of the latest currency rates (e.g.: Euro to Dollar), stock exchange indices and market indicators (e.g.: Dow Jones Industrial, NASDAQ, S&P500, etc.) and fund prices.

The main screen of Stock Manager shows the stocks that you own/watch for the currently selected portfolio.

You can have up to 32 portfolios each in its own currency. Support for multiple portfolios allows you to keep your different investments well classified and easily see the cost, value, profit and other statistics on a portfolio basis.

Main View

All the information that is displayed on the main screen can easily be customized to your needs by selecting Portfolios > Change View

Portfolio Statistics

Check the totals for any portfolio by choosing Portfolios > Totals. From this screen you can also see/manage the cash that is available in each portfolio.


Manage different portfolios in different currencies and either see the portfolio statistics in the portfolio's native currency or in your base currency. Stock Manager will automatically download the latest currency prices during an Internet update.

Portfolio Charts

Selecting Portfolios > Chart will display the portfolio chart window for the currently selected portfolio. Portfolio charts are a great way to see how your money is distributed among the stocks that make up your portfolio.

  • Bar chart: great to see the cost/value/profit of a portfolio as absolute values.
  • Pie chart: shows the cost/value/profit of all shares in a portfolio in relative terms, i.e. with respect to each other.
  • Line chart: shows the cost/value/profit of a portfolio over time. Note that it is not possible to see line chart data for the "All" portfolio, you have to select a specific portfolio.

Note: portfolio charts will only display information for stocks that you own and not for stocks that you are watching.

Internet Update

Stock Manager can easily download the latest stock and currency prices from the Internet via GPRS or dialup. After a stock update, you can quickly see by how much your portfolios have changed today or since the last Internet update.

Stock Details

This window is used to specify the initial buying parameters of a stock.

If you want to keep track of a stock that you do not own then leave the Price, Number and Fee fields empty and uncheck the Own checkbox. Stocks that are not owned (i.e. stocks that are only watched) are not included in the portfolio statistics on the main screen.


The market window displays all the information that is downloaded from the Internet for a particular stock.

Stock Calculator

The stock calculator shows the combined statistics of all stock entries belonging to the same stock (two stock entries are deemed to be from the same stock if they have the same stock symbol and same exchange). This is useful when several lots of the same stock have been purchased at different times.

Stock Chart

Everyday, the price, high, low and volume values of every stock are saved in a database and are then used to draw historical stock charts.

Use the select button of your Smartphone to navigate around the chart and see the values for a particular day.

Stock Alerts

Use the Alert window to set any number of alerts for the current stock. Alerts can be set depending on the current stock price, daily change value, profit and protfit %.

Stock Note

In the Note window it is possible to attach a note to a stock.


Personalize all Stock Manager windows with your favorite image (JPG, GIF, BMP).

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